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Avian Laboratory

Avian Laboratories (AVL) is a state of the art Molecular Biology Lab that deals with Bird DNA sexing. AVL lab is fully equipped with latest instruments and technologies. We aim to provide fastest quality DNA services to our clients with highest possible standardization and professionalism. Along with Avian DNA sexing and Disease testing, Avian Laboratories is providing a comprehensive research platform to develop new tests according to the need of breeders and fanciers. Our ongoing research is related to Avian Genetics to develop like cost effective Parentage testing, plumage color, mutation/SNP identification. We welcome the researchers from all over the world with an interest of scientific collaboration.

Why You Choose?

  • Highly qualified (PhD) and professional scientists with an extensive experience in the field of Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • State of the art Molecular Biology Lab equipped with latest instruments.
  • Results available within 3-5 working days/ Express results in 2 working days
  • Online results: Availability of electronic certificate, downloadable and printable
  • Quality assured, results are always double checked and confirmed by more than one discriminative markers (primers)
  • Certificate on special paper with Lab stamp/seal also available (terms and conditions applicable)
  • Free bird identity card
  • Technical support: contact for any personal technical support via email, WhatsApp or Facebook.
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